Advice for parents about Omegle age limit

Raising a kid is hard work. Especially that now we’re living in era of internet. You can have a parental filter but internet is so huge that no filter will have %100 protection. Especially sites that have camera features. Omegle is one of many sites that have camera features and most popular of them. So what is the age limit of Omegle? Technically one can join the website between the ages of 13-18. You can join the website with parental permission if you’re older then 13 but younger than 18. But if you’re younger then 13 you can’t join the website.

Omegle was launched at 25 of March 2008. The owner of the site is Leif K-Brooks. And since the lauch Omegle has been the most popular video text random chat website.

Can my 15 years old children create account on Omegle?

Yes, they can. Because there is no real method that can prevent your kids to create account on any random video chat website. It is your responsibility to prevent your kids to joining this type of websites. Omegle has many alternatives such as chatrandom, chatroulette, imeetzu. You have to protect for all of them. If you just block omegle than your kid may join to chatrandom. Keep this in your mind when taking actions.

How Omegle like random chat sites are dangerous for your kids?

As we’ve mentioned, internet is so big that nothing can really control the %100 of it. And as these days everyone can get access to internet bad things might happen. For example;

According to the Panama City Beach Police %75 of the sexual predator cases happen because of giving information to strangers online. And as there are many bad people out there, kids might not clearly see their motive and tell them what they want to know.  “If you’re not taking the proper precautions, the proper steps, having those difficult conversations with your child you’re serving them up on a silver platter,” said Lt. J.R. Talamantez with the Panama City Beach Police Department.

Law enforcement officials warn parents about monitoring their childrens’ app use. They say there are the well-known apps; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and then there are the lesser-known ones.

Like Omegle. According to the investigation that was run by the Panama City Beach Police, they went on to chat and see how people talk and if they give their information away or not. They talked with a stranger who asked them off the bat if what our age, sex, and location was. They said they were a 13 years-old girl in Florida and then asked them for their information. The stranger wrote back saying they were a male, 30 years old and in the United States. They then asked if that was ok.

That’s how easy it is for your kids to talk to strangers, and potentially sexual predators, online. “They’re real and they’re actively looking to find your child. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,” said Lt. Talamantez. They’re always there and they’re always trying to lure children into their traps. There are many more examples like this. For example;

A 40 Year old man from Cardiff was jailed for using childrens’ recordings to make them do sexual things for him and threaten them. In this case, Jones manipulated conversations with his victims to encourage them to ‘like’ certain topics to increase his chance of re-engaging with them again on another occasion. 

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Mike Yeo, from the South Wales Police Digital Forensic and Cyber Crime team, said: “Jones was a predatory offender who used the Omegle app to engage underage victims in live online streaming for his own sexual gratification. He recorded these interactions to retain for his own benefit and to threaten his victims with the recordings. Our experts examined his digital equipment and found indecent images of children that subsequently led to us being able to protect two young victims (aged 13 and 11) one in the UK and one in the US.”

When he was caught police found child porn on his harddrives and many other pictures of children.

In conclusion internet is a huge place and everyone has access to it. It’s our job to protect our children from it no matter the age restriction.