Best Omegle Pranks on Youtube by Famous Youtubers

banned for pranking on omegle

Prank is a practical joke or mischievous act done or carried out for fun or for dubious purpose with the sole intention or purpose to deceive someone or catch fun.

Recently Prank has been inculcated in by it users to either have fun or for some intension best known to them.

These are now a known fact that some users while chatting on OMEGLE using prank programs recorded the video and published them on That is where the issue of OMEGLE PRANKS ON YOUTUBE, comes in. In which some famous YOUTUBERS have published many recorded videos on the YouTube.

How to prank people on Omegle

To Prank people via random video chat can be quite fun and enjoyable to those that really love catching mischievous fun while chatting. If you also want to prank on there are some tools needed to carry it out effectively.

The advantage of it is the hilarious fun that you will derive and the mischievous feels that you will see on the faces of those you will carry out the prank on. The disadvantage is that you will get some people disappointed and pissed off; you will also get reported to Omegle and the possible Ban that you may face sometime. Thanks to our tips, because with it you will get yourself off the ban immediately.

Items needed for your pranks are a webcam or fake webcam app (for virtual webcam, use Manycam etc).

It is important to remind you that does not want such thing as prank in their site, it’s a no go area, a forbidden programs that will get you banned as it moderators are always online 24 hours of the to monitor and access it users behaviors  and discussions.

OMEGLE is indeed not just for dating but also for catching fun. However we recommend that you watch your jokes in order to stay out of very bad jokes and do not record people and publish them on YouTube without their permission.

Below are the step by step tips on setting and enjoying your prank chats on OMEGLE.

  1. Find a free fake webcam app and download it.
  2. Follow it instructions to install it correctly. You can visit YouTube and search for videos that have instructions on how to install and how to use it.
  3. Run your app and then get a desired video that you will use for you prank.
  4. If you want to use a video from YouTube, you have to first get a YouTube downloader sites or apps.
  5. Search for good videos on YouTube by tying Omegle Trolling Videos in YouTube search space.
  6. Once found a video you like, Download the video with downloader site.
  7. Use them on your fake video app. (refer to our topic on HOW TO USE FAKE WEBCAM)



The excitement to have met Justin Bieber instantly died down when the Famous YouTube Omegle pranker had shown up with his masked face and a hash voice to sing same ongoing BABY song from Justin Bieber original video.


The lady carrying out the prank was not actually naked but had pretended to be by using a paper to cover herself up as if actually naked behind with the inscription “I AM NAKED” on the paper. She had claimed to have meant that he name is I am naked as written rather than the actual expected naked.


The pranker had started on a very sexy note with very sexy hot booty girl twerking seductively, then only for the pranker to show his face with some mischievous grin and making of face, which immediately force the strangers to disconnect in succession to another stranger.


This famous YOUTUBER OMEGLE prank on Donald Trump did not look real as the video of Donald is more of static and could not talk nor respond to stranger’s chats but only continue to nod his head from the start to the end.


She had disappointed guys that were out on OMEGLE to seek fun with some sexy boobs ladies that may be willing to show all only to discover he was gazing and salivating for a mere bra fixed on her knee and lap. The disappointment was painful to some which I presumed led to reporting of her use of prank, which of course led to her ban from the program at the end of the video.

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You might get banned on omegle for pranking: Is a saying stating the impending danger of getting ban from Omegle chat by indulging in prank which is regarded by OMEGLE as forbidden.

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