How to Get Unbanned From Chatroulette

how to remove ban chatroulette
how to remove ban chatroulette

Chatroulette is a video chat site with millions of users, however one might get banned from the site without any warning or notification and for no just reason. To avoid being banned from Chatroulette random chat, here are some important methods on how to do that.

Method 1:

  • Contact Chatroulette: Do this so that you can contact chatroulette random chat.

Create an email (new) and address the email to [email protected]. However, at chatroulette home page there is no feedback form, unbanned request nor separate email for technical issues or complaints. Hence it might take a little longer time for the staff to get to your message and respond because all feedback goes through the same email address.

  • Plead your case: if you feel that you are being treated wrongly by placing a ban on your IP, you can explain your case in the body of the email and state why you feel that the ban was unfair. There are several reasons one can get banned, for example someone might report you in order to improve odds of either chatting with a male or a female. So if you suspect any reason why you were being banned, make sure you elaborate on it.   
    • Your ban can be lifted that is if you are legitimately right.
    • But if you are wrong by doing something that is against the rules and regulation, the best thing to do is to apologize. Though this may work or may not work.
  • By providing identifying information: your IP address should be provided and the exact time the ban begins. By providing this, the chatroulette staffs might be able to trace the email to it source to figure out who you really are.
  •   Waiting: after completing the above processes, you wait. This might take several hours, or days for the staffs to respond. You have to be constantly checking the site to know if the ban has been lifted.

Method 2:

  • Change IP address: you can change your IP address by using the computer or by accessing the IP address online..
  • Turn off everything overnight: if turning your modem off for few minutes doesn’t work out, you can turn it off through out the night, you may also turn off your computer. If this doesn’t work out you can also change your IP manually.
  • Call the internet service provider: after trying these above mentioned methods, if they fail or when the IP address still remains static you can call the internet service provider so that they can change the IP address.

With these methods listed above you can be unbanned from Chatroulette random chat. These methods are almost guaranteed when it comes to you getting unbanned. Why don’t you give them a try and see how magically it will work.   

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