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How to secure Omegle for my children?

It is only natural that parents worry about their kids joining social media and chatting with random people who they know nothing about. Today, there are websites that offer such services, and one of them is Omegle video chat or text chat. The people that use Omegle video chat are numerous, all coming from different countries and different background. Hence, the fear that your kid accesses websites where everything is possible is what disturbs every parent. Consequently, it is best if you know what to do to control who your children chat with on random chat sites like Omegle. To this end, this write up is a valuable information for parents interested in the safety of their children while using video chat. Here is a list of parental control that you can set so as to limit their access to the website.

Use Parental Control Tools

Using parental control tools for tracking your kid’s activity on is very important. Don’t think this will violate their privacy. Safety first when it comes to your children. This is essential on securing for kids.

Windows users:

You can take advantage of Microsoft’s built-in controls to limit the children’s access to random chat sites like Omegle. Using windows Vista, you can access the controls by navigating to the start menu and selecting the control panel. Enter the user accounts and safety and set up the parental control for your kids.

Using Windows 7 and above, you can create family accounts and set limits on each of your kids accounts. Each person will log in to his account and be able to use the internet according to how you dictate it for them. To further protect your children from adult materials on Omegle video chat, you can install third party applications that will restrict them from accessing all of that.

Mac users:

Mac OS also has parental controls, and you can take advantage of them to limit your children’s access to Omegle video chat or text chats. Go to your OS preferences and select accounts. Once there, you can proceed to select and put restrictions on the various accounts that you need to set a limit to.

Teach your kid about privacy

Your children can learn about privacy. Do not underestimate your kids. Teach them about how important is protecting his/her privacy. Don’t let them share personal and real life information on cyber chat rooms.

Trust no one on

It is very likely other person on Omegle is lying about themselves. So, don’t take everyone seriously. Tell this to your children to keep them safe: DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ON CYBER WORLD.

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