How to use fake webcam on Omegle

Fake webcam is virtual webcam software programs used for video chatting with strangers when you do not want to reveal your real self to them for your personal reasons.

Fake webcam have become popular nowadays. is one of the best chat sites to use this FAKE webcam on as you are bound to meet strangers of diverse behaviour and background via their free video chat system

Video chat entails that you have to have an internet device that have webcam facilities, which if your device fails to have one, access to video chat will be denied. But with Fake webcam nowadays, it has become possible to chat freely without using your device webcam, even if your device do not have one, the Fake webcam will give you complete access.

One good thing about Fake webcam is that you can use many photo or video affects, you can use many kinds of video and photos.

You can now do so many anonymous video chatting without actually revealing who you truly are. It is left for you to decide either to be whom you are or fake your true real self while on chat with strangers.

Although many of our contemporary age young men and ladies are involved in the use of such programs in sites that offer video chats. Most of them are using them for various reasons ranging from not having webcam device, some for the sole purpose of cheating people.

Although there are various ways to know if someone is using fake webcam programs on you while chatting. It can be dangerous to you if your anonymous chatting partner is using such programs. Because they can easily record your explicit video chats and expose it to the public via social media, YouTube etc as the Fake webcam have facility for chat recording.

Here are the processes of getting Fake webcam for OMEGLE.COM video chatting.

Step 1:- First, you have to go to and Download manycam app to your device.

Step 2:-Then you have to get good video/videos or photo/photos that you will use in the downloaded app. It’s is these videos or photos that your chatting partner will always see when chatting with them.

Step 3:- Close your browser that have OMEGLE.COM opened before and then launch the Manycam app or other software that works same. And then open your browser and login to your OMEGLE.COM again.

Step 4:-You then have to select the Fake webcam of your choice or ManyCam’s sources option and then select the video that you want to play or the photo that you want to appear to the other chatting partner over there.

Step 5:-Then next option is to select the video or still images option and then select the effects tab and choose the type of effect you want to use.

Step 6:-Then go to your logged in OMEGLE account and allow the video chat camera to use your Fake webcam or Manycam app as your webcam. That’s all, here you are chatting now with the fake you on the video chat.

ManyCam for software is good fake webcam


  • It’s one of the most popular fake webcam app program.
  • All features are free.
  • You can record video chats on the go as you chat.
  • There’s a professional version of Manycam at the price of 50 USD only.
  • There are many effects which you can use.
  • Options to use many videos or photos at your disposal.
  • Readily available to use on web-based chat sites and messenger programs.
  • Works with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
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