Top 7 Safe Chat Sites For Children

Internet is as important as oxygen these days. And kids are no longer playing football on streets they’re on the internet. And there are all kinds of websites on the internet.  Research shows that teens tend to favor popular sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For much young children, however – those under the age of 15 – these networks tend to be out of reach because of age restrictions and suitability. But, as technology is introduced earlier and earlier, there is a growing need for child-friendly social networks, the kind that parent are happy to introduce to their kids.

Fortunately, there are now numerous solutions out there. Many of the most successful retain all the features that make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so good, whilst also doubling down on online privacy and security (particularly appealing to mums and dads).

Let’s take a look at the most popular chat sites for children under 15.

7- Sweety High

This site respects your child’s privacy. On this site your children surf safely because it’s moderated all the time and they themselves post informations about surfing safely. Girls’ profiles can only be seen by their friends and there are parental controls for younger users. This site focuses on creativity, children expressing themselves but site also provides information categories like shopping, fashion and celebrities.

6- YourSphere

Yoursphere’s motto is “destination for imagination”. Site allows young people to create profiles, connect with their friends, and create or join communities about their interests. It also allows you to chat with your friends on the site just like you would on Facebook. Yoursphere is also available on iOS and Android.

5- Oyoty

Oyoty just like YouTube monitors accounts and posts and flags content that might be unsafe for children. Parents must provide their e-mail adresses and can supervise their childrens’ use of website and select what they can see or cannot see. After this step kids install the app on their phones and connect it to their parents’ account and when they connect it to their parents’ account they can see what they’re children up to on social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Each parent account can support up to five kids and each of those accounts can monitor up to three social media accounts. App is free for TWO months and after two months its $5 a month.

4- KidzWorld

Kidzworld is one of the biggest kid social media sites out there. It offers everything from free online games, chat rooms to the latest TV or Movie reviews. Children are invited to create profiles, meet other kids play games, chat and maybe even win prizes. They can also read everything ranging from game reviews, game cheats; to writing blogs, creating polls, investigate their career paths etc.

3- Franktown Rocks

This site allows young people and children to listen to music safely. All of the content in the site is pre-screened by parents. Besides music there are games, videos. Kids want music, parents want safety; This site have both.

2- Everloop: Goobit

Everloop: Goobit is same as Everloop but this site is intended for children between ages 8-15. When kids sign up for an account all the privacy and behaviour rules can clearly be seen. Motto is “Be cool, be clean, be confidential.” Meaning, they don’t want any bad language, bad behaviour and respect each other. As we’ve mentioned many times before internet is so big that no safety measure can be foolproof. So we advise parents to always monitor their kids.

1- GromSocial

Most kids these days cannot use any popular social media sites because their parents are not allowing it. Some kids will just sulk on the corner while others Like Zach Marks will finds alternative solutions. In this case Zach Marks made his own website for children AT THE AGE OF 11. He’s now 15, but idea came to him when he was 11. He made a website that children can use to chat, share videos, do their homework together, and network is password-protected. Also, parents can monitor their children’s profiles 24/7 if they’re approved as a parent of the user. Parents also receive regular e-mails about their child’s activity.